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Hi.  I’m LoneWolf (aka LoneWolfMuskoka).  My real name is Bill Nickerson and I live in the most beautiful place on earth — Muskoka, Ontario.

I am a contract programmer, web developer, trainer and blogger.  I love to write about things that I feel passionate about.  I love to inform and entertain people.  That’s what is about.  It is a network of individual sites that are all independent but interconnected.

Specifically, this site is about online games.  This covers a very broad range.  Some of you will be at the hardcore, mud level of things.  Some will be at the other end of the spectrum where sudoko or crossword puzzles is your thing.  I hope that everyone will feel welcome here and find something useful and fun to take away.

Just to be up front with you, part of my income comes from affiliate programs (I get a commission if you buy something through a link) and advertisements.  But I will always be honest with you about whether or not I am an affiliate for a product that is shown on any of the sites.

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